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Large Frame Tai Chi
Is it Still Tai Chi Without Push Hands?


How much root is enough?
How to measure root depth
Tai Chi Error of Double Weightedness (The truth behind the myth)
Why there’s so much bad Tai Chi & How to fix it
Tai Chi Internal Wave
How do you build internal skill?
Why isn’t my Push Hands working?
What kind of results can I expect from Internal Push Hands?
The Secret of Advanced Dim Mak & Healing
Push Hands VS Tai Chi Nei Kung
Ronin Kai Talks On How Internal Push Hands Helped Make Him A Push Hands Champ
What is Qi Healing & How Does it Work?
The Danger of Acupuncture
How do you know Qi isn’t just your imagination?
The Shortcut Myth (it’s not what you think)
Hate mail from other Tai Chi teachers
Iron Body is NOT about getting hit
Solo Training: How to Build Iron Body & Internal Power without a Partner


The Secret to Mastering Tai Chi
5 Steps to build Qi Healing skill in 3 days
Is Tai Chi Ever Going to Get Any Respect?
One Simple Secret to Effortless Power
How do I know if my form is correct when I practice at home?
Clear’s Tai Chi: Sung, Peng, Lu, Ji, An
4th of July Push Hands package
An End to Training?


Combat Tai Chi Vol 18: The Power of Relaxation
Chi Healing – Fa Kung Intensive Workshops April 25, 26 & 27 ‘14
Internal Iron Body: The Safe And Healthy Tai Chi Method
Tai Chi Fighting: Why ‘Whole Body Connection’ Is An Absolute Must!
Tai Chi Form: ‘Personalization’ and ‘Eyes Closed’
4oz Moves 1000lbs & Silk Reeling
How busy people train more
Don’t Make the Lower Dan Tien Mistake
Dissolve the Center?
Softness Myth #3
How do you find time to work on all this stuff?
Belief is NOT required! Results speak for themselves…
Internal Power VS Internal Skill
The Purpose and Strategy of Tai Chi
The Tai Chi Fighting Stance (Fighting with Formlessness)
Tai Chi Fighting with Nothingness
Mysterious Tai Chi Power
Qigong Certification


Combat Tai Chi Vol 16: Carry the Cauldron & Grand Tai Chi
Combat Tai Chi Vol 17: Combat Breathing
The Tai Chi Way to Better Balance


Tai Chi Fighting Position
Combat Tai Chi lesson: White Crane Spreads Wings
Owning the Tai Chi Set
New Combat Tai Chi Lesson
Use this simple push hands mistake to rapidly build skill while winning
Xing Yi Video & Internal Combat Arts Deadline
Workshop in Peoria IL May 18, 19 & 20
The Iron Palm Questions I Never Answer Honestly
Don’t ever stop your external training or else…
Advanced Internal Strikes Checklist
The secret weapon for lack of sleep …better than caffeine
How many Tai Chi Players…
What live training can never give you…
Got them old golden bell blues…
It’s all about Chi, even External
Internal Iron Shirt VS Golden Bell
7 Things to know about root. (& more bull**** from senior teachers.)
Combat Tai Chi Vol. 14: Parry & Punch
The reality of Qi – Belief is not required
No Tai Chi without Blue
The all to common error 20 year Tai Chi players make
Is Qi Real?
How the Heck did Tai Chi get this reputation?
Everybody wants more power, But there’s something better…
Rehabilitating Tai Chi (Does Tai Chi have a credibility problem?)
Mr Miyagi’s Tai Chi Secret…
Qigong VS MS
Is there a best time of day for Qigong?
To Breathe or Not to Breathe… Is that really a question?
What do I do with the energy I’ve built from my training?
3 Steps to Survive the Tai Chi Zombie Apocalypse
Tai Chi Whips & Waveform Striking VS Fajing
Can I do Tai Chi if I don’t believe in the mystical Qi component?
Freestyle Fighting the Tai Chi Way – January 2013
The Deadly Soft of Tai Chi
What is Internal Conditioning?


Live coverage of our first 2011 Combat Tai Chi Workshop
Combat Tai Chi Vol 7: Monkey Retreats
Combat Tai Chi Workshop – What you missed.
March 25th – 27th Combat Tai Chi Workshop
Erle Montaigue (1949-2011)
Beginning Tai Chi for Health
Combat Tai Chi: Cloud Hands
Combat Tai Chi Vol 9: Golden Cock Stands on One Leg
The busy person’s secret to training more.
Live Combat Tai Chi workshop coverage starts tomorrow.
What you missed at the Combat Tai Chi workshop last weekend
Master Clear in Albany NY June 3rd
Are you better than blankety blank?
Are you better than blankety blank? (part 2)
One of the fundamental mistakes that many Tai Chi players Make.
The 5 Keys of Tai Chi Standing
Combat Tai Chi Vol 10: Needle At Sea Bottom
How to Relax, Melt & Pour (Tai Chi Standing part 2)
Finding zhong dìng (Tai Chi Standing Part 3)
Free Seminar in a City near you with Richard Clear
Combat Tai Chi Workshop June 10, 11 & 12
The Power of Now
How forms are destroying Tai Chi and why we still need them.
The Power behind the Tai Chi form
Combat Tai Chi Vol 11: Fan Through Back (and Fair Lady)
Why Combat Tai Chi is Better For Your Health
Peoria IL Aug 5, 6 & 7 – 2011
3 Ways You Know It’s Tai Chi
Creative Learning and Tai Chi
Willem De Thouars is coming to Maryville TN
Combat Tai Chi Vol 12: Double Rams Fist
The legendary Robert W. Smith passed away July 1st, 2011
3 Benefits of Push Hands
How to get better by losing
The Essence of Tai Chi in Only 8 Moves
The 10 Keys to Wu Chi Posture
Apparent Opening – Place Hands on Jade Table
Wild Horse Tosses Mane
Brush Knee
Strum The Lute
5 Ways Tai Chi Masters Hide Information and What To Do About It.
Learn Clear’s Tai Chi Online
Clear’s Tai Chi Online is accepting new members, but only until Friday Aug 19th
New Videos: Tai Chi Sticking, Push Hands & Fa Jing
Monkey Retreats
Cloud Hands
Combat Tai Chi workshop Sep 23, 24 & 25
Combat Tai Chi Vol 13: Fist Under Elbow
Combat Tai Chi Application of High Pat the Horse
Carry the Cauldron
Push Hands Sensitivity: How Far You Can Go?
9 New Lessons on Fa Jing & How to Neutralize it
She might not have been a Tai Chi master, but grandma was right…
How to Keep Your Lower Back Straight
What is Rooting in Tai Chi?
The 3 most important qualities of Tai Chi Root
How to Begin Building Root Without a Partner
How to Build Root With A Partner
Grand Tai Chi
Sticking & Push Hands Vol 3…
Waterfall Root: How To Get Beyond Your Root Limit
Root Like A Bear: An Exercise for Deepening Your Root
How to Build Root and Correct Your Form with One Simple Exercise
How To Practice Tai Chi By Yourself
How To Looking Inside Your Body
What are you doing when you practice Push Hands?
Clear’s Tai Chi in Houston TX
Dissolving the Center – Video lesson
Tai Chi Pluck in Push Hands – Video Lesson
Free Tai Chi with SiGung Clear in Brunswick GA – March 16, 17 & 18
Free Online Tai Chi Workshops
Qi Developoment Lesson 2: The Three Powers Heaven Earth & Man
Lesson 3: Whole Body Breathing
Lesson 4: How to Lower Blood Pressure
Lesson 5: Whole Body Connection
Vol 5: Fa Jing & Fa Jing Neutralization
Lesson 6: Strengthen Mind Intent & Heal Others
Qi Development Lesson 7: Striking Power
Lesson 8: Fa Jing & Dim Mak
Qi Development on Google Plus
Lesson 9: Neutralization & Steel Wrapped in Cotton (Tai Chi Iron Body)
Qi Development Lesson 10: The Three Powers, Neutralization & Steel Wrapped in Cotton
Combat Tai Chi Free Online Lesson: Parry & Punch


Internal Iron Body & Iron Palm Misconceptions
Packing the Chi Q&A
Separating External & Internal Q&A
Tai Chi Ground Path
Internal Dim Mak
Tai Chi Dim Mak
Internal Power DVD
Monster Trucks
13 Postures
5 Principles of Internal Tai Chi
Internal Power DVD Pre-Orders
Mind Intent
Yi or I Mind Intent for Healing
Shen Mind Intent
Tai Chi Ground Path with Fingers
Fa Jing with Breath and Steel Wrapped in Cotton
13 Kinetic Postures of Tai Chi
Combat Tai Chi Workshop #1
Peng, Lu, Ji, An
Peng Jing
March 26-28 ’10 Combat Tai Chi Workshop
Combat Tai Chi: Whips, Explosive Movement & Whole Body Power
Lu Rollback
Apr 23-24 ’10 Intensive Healing (empty force) Chi Kung workshop
Zhou Tai Chi Elbow
Distance Healing Q&A
What is Pranic Healing?
Combat Tai Chi DVD Pre-orders
Tai Chi Eases Arthritis Pain
Killer Tai Chi – 30 min of bonus footage
Tai Chi Open Hands
Electric Jing
16 Types of Tai Chi Applications
Energy Protection – 7 Steps
Tai Chi Fighting Strategy
5 Ways to Throw Someone With Tai Chi
Tai Chi Ready to fight Position
Tai Chi Breaking Techniques
Tai Chi Grappling
Pre-Order Combat Tai Chi Vol 1 B and Save!
Tai Chi Weapons
Tai Chi Bone Breaking
New Video Clip from “Dynamics of Movement”
Tai Chi Grapples
Fa Jing & Karate Q&A
Tai Chi Trapping
Tai Chi Iron Palm Workshop
Tai Chi Fist
Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes
May 14-16 ’10 – Intensive Self Defense Workshop
Tai Chi Punches
Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days
How to Choose an Internal Iron Palm Liniment
Tai Chi Punching
Tai Chi Iron Palm Video
Hen and Ha – The Secret Sounds of Tai Chi
The difference between Healthy Tai Chi & Fighting Tai Chi
Tai Chi Strikes
June 25-27 ‘10 Combat Tai Chi Workshop
Killer Tai Chi Special
Tai Chi Kicking
The Tsai – Tui drill
Tai Chi Striking
Tai Chi Locks Chin Na
Internal Iron Body in 100 Days
Tai Chi Iron Body Video Clip
Tai Chi Kicks
Self Defense Training
Tai Chi Qin Na
Tai Chi Rooting
Sleepy Eye
Killer Tai Chi in Inside Kung Fu
Tai Chi Styles
Combat Tai Chi Vol 2: Rise & Fall
Martial Tai Chi
Tai Chi Slaps
Aug 27-29 Combat Tai Chi Workshop
Defanging Yang Style Tai Chi (part 1)
Defanging Yang Style Tai Chi (part 2)
Chen Style Tai Chi
Yang Style Tai Chi
Wu Style Tai Chi
Tai Chi & Coronary Artery Disease
$50 Clear’s Tai Chi Coupon
Tai Chi Entries & Trapping
Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua & Hsing-I
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Combat Tai Chi: Wild Horse Tosses Mane
Nov 19-21 ‘10 Intensive Healing (empty force) Chi Kung workshop
Clear’s Tai Chi in Denver this weekend.
Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise
New Combat Tai Chi DVD
Breathing for Cardiovascular Health
Breathing For Longevity
Combat Tai Chi Vol 4 Video Clip
Jan 28-30 Combat Tai Chi Workshop
Combat Tai Chi Vol 5: Brush Knee
Clear’s Tai Chi Thanksgiving Special
Tai Chi Death Touch
Combat Tai Chi Vol 6: Strum The Lute
Martial Tai Chi Application: Strum The Lute


Apr 24-26 2009 – Chi Kung Energy Seminar
Examples of Fa Jing & Energy Transfer
Fa Jing with knees, feet, back, elbow and more
Nov 20-22 ’09 Intensive Healing (empty force) Chi Kung workshop
What is Tai Chi?
What is Universal Energy Healing & Chi Kung
What is Fa Kung Chi Healing?
What is Absorbing & Building Chi?
Can Emitting Chi make you sick?
Push Hands Master – 94 years old
How do you heal with Chi?
What is Tai Chi Chuan?
How can someone get real ability with Chi Healing in a 3 Day program?
Tai Chi Internal Damage
What is Jing Energy?
Push Hands Video
What is Internal Kung Fu – video
Mixing and Matching Jing Energy
Arthritis & Tai Chi
Ma Yeuh Liang & Sigung Clear
Bone Marrow Washing – A Simple Explanation
Tai Chi for Combat – New Video
Tai Chi Moves for Beginners – Cloud Hands
Cloud Hands Answers
Tai Chi Glossary
Build Incredible Leg Strength – 3 simple steps for busy people
Learn How To Relax
Body Mechanics & Alignment in Tai Chi
Tai Chi Heavy Hands
Sensitivity in Tai Chi
The energy of Tai Chi
Push Hands Sensitivity
I must know them, I must know me and they cannot know me.
Uncle Bill Family Gathering
1 Touch Knockouts @ Family Gathering ’09
New Combat Tai Chi Program
Death Touch
Dim Mak
Dian Xue (Dim Hsueh) Delayed Death Touch
Body Tension, Mental Tension & Tai Chi
Tai Chi Fa Jing – Explosive Energy, Dim Mak & Internal Strikes
Fajin – Explosive striking and healing
1 Touch Knockouts vs Fa Jing
1 Touch Knockouts – Various Methods and Jings
Nei gung
NeiGung & Internal Iron Body
Nei Kung Training
Tai Chi Nei Kung
Nei Gung Skills
3 Dan Tiens Linear
Empty Force
Nei Gung Benefits
Qi Journal: All Tai Chi
Tai Chi Breathing
Tai Chi Health Benefits
Tai Chi for Health 1: Alignment and Posture.
Tai Chi for Health 2: Bone Density
Tai Chi for Health 3
Tai Chi Documented Health Benefits 1
Documented Tai Chi Health Benefits 2
Documented Tai Chi Health Benefits 3
Wu Chi
Tai Chi Energy Healing
Energy Healing
Qi Gong Energy Healing
Jan 22-24 ’10 Exclusive Combat Tai Chi Workshop!
Free Energy Healing Consultation
Chi Emission – Fa Kung
Guided Relaxation
Healing Breath Work
Body Trauma -Tension & Pain Release
Chi Flow Adjustment
Dan Tiens
Lower Dan Tien
Tai Chi Push Hands for internal development
Tai Chi Push Hands for Competition
Mind Body Spirit Health Benefits of Tai Chi Push Hands
Tai Chi Push Hands for Self Defense
Tai Chi Push Hands Fighting Benefits
Clear’s Internal Push Hands
7 Basic Steps of Clear’s Internal Push Hands
Internal Push Hands Training Progression
Tai Chi Cloud Hands Applications
Poison hand
New Stuff & Updates
BaGua video clip
Tai Chi Qigong
Combat Tai Chi Workshop Flyer
Bagua Combat Applications of Open Hand Basics
Tai Chi Chi Kung Energetic Expressions
Clear’s Tai Chi is now on Twitter & Facebook
Qigong for Health
Body Bouncing & Shaking
Nei Jia – 7 Criteria of the Internal Martial Arts
Middle Dan Tien
What is the purpose of Middle Dantian development?
Upper Dan Tien
Clear’s Tai Chi Black Fiday Special
What are Internal Tai Chi Skills?
Tai Chi for Self Defense?
What is Internal Kung Fu?
The 3 Powers Heaven Earth Man
The 3 Treasures Chi, Jing & Shen
Shen & Yi or I mind intent for Self Defense
Tai Chi History
Can you hear the Ting Jing Listening Energy?
The exclusive ultra-secrets of real extreme hardcore combat Tai Chi
3 Types of Fa Jing
Tai Chi Body States
Tai Chi – Steel Wrapped in Cotton
Internal Iron palm/body through Push Hands
Internal Iron Q&A
The History and Origins of Tai Chi
Push hands & Sticky Hands Video Announcement
Combat Tai Chi Workshop Q & A
Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm
Tai Chi Internal Iron Body


Sept 20-28 08 – Liu Ji Fa – Internal Skills & Freestle Push Hands
Nov 21-23 2008 – Chi Kung Energy Seminar
Ma Yu Liang – Push Hands Video
Liu Ji Fa – Push Hands Video
The Chi Energy Debate
Internal Positioning to Respond Second But Hit First
How to Follow In Order to Lead
How to Find a Tai Chi Instructor
Chapter 3 – Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM
Chapter 7 – Essential Tai Chi
Learning the Art of Tai Chi Beneficial for Women
Master Dong Bin – Push Hands Video
Master Liu Ji Fa USA Seminar September 2008